Many students are surprised when math teachers give writing assignments. In their minds, math and writing are two distinct subjects which do not mix. However, there is a growing belief that putting mathematical concepts in their own words is an important way to help students make sense of the mathematics and increase both their comprehension and retention of the mathematical ideas. 

Because of that, I started adding a writing component to my precalculus class in the spring of 2013. It has been a mixed experience, but I believe that both I and my students have benefited from it. I hope that what I have learned this year will help me provide a richer learning experience to my students next year.

I plan to use this blog to share my ongoing experiences, in the hopes that they may benefit other teachers who would like to try writing with their students. If you have any comments for me, please share them here!

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    I am a second-career high school math teacher in the greater Philadelphia area. I currently teach precalculus and probability and statistics.  I am interested in writing in the math classroom.


    April 2013